Tuesday, May 11, 2010

double trouble episode 2

I have mentioned before that when Dempsey and Milo get together they are less like cousins and more like partners in crime. case in point. Gavin got out of the bathtub {and didn't drain the water} and when I went in to drain it this is what I saw this...

followed by this

moral of the story is, drain the tub!

date night

We went out with my sisters and brother-in-laws... oh yeah and Millie's date. We had a blast!

{if you want a fun and cheap date idea after dinner draw names and go the the dollar store, we have made it a ritual}

if the dollar store isn't your thing you could always go with plan B...

Pictionary anyone?

as you can see we brought the kids along

thanks dalin and elisse for hosting & also for taking Gavin for the night!

vicarious living

If I don't have a daughter to match with at least I have a neice. {thankfully her mother has instilled in her the importance of cute shoes}

dempsey's shoes are baby gap.


Spring Fever is in full swing at my house.
What better way to spend it than at the park?

cute grandparents?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Find it on Esty

I wanted to find some cute cardigan sweaters for #2 and the unborn. Of course my first choice is vintage and so I went to Etsy.com.

This is what I wheedled it down to.



Etsy is not just for crafties, check it out for wonderful vintage next time you want something special for you little ones.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Line

I find it only fitting for this to be my first post. It isn't often that I have to stop and catch my breath when I see a new line for kids. Thank you Stella McCartney!!!!!! Gap originally asked her to design a girls line, but she told them she had to do a boys line too, and I am SO glad she did.
My boys will be rockin' in these duds for sure! Check it out the line is available Nov. 3rd at your local GAP.

Monday, October 19, 2009

And here we go...

I grew up the oldest of 7 girls and no boys. So having all boys has most definitely been a growing experience. I knew that I wanted my kids to have a defined sense of style and I was going to have to look farther than my local department store to find things that fit my aesthetic. I have collected a lot of valuable info and knowledge along the way. And now that I am expecting boy number three in a few months I felt like it was time to share my knowledge with other moms out there who aren't about to settle for cartoon T-shirts and carpenter pants. I learn so much from others so always feel free to send me your latest and greatest finds as well.